working-1219889_1920We have a staff of four full-time lawyers, a legal fellow, an office manager, and many volunteer  attorneys, law students, paralegal students, and undergraduates who help us in our work.  Our volunteers donate generous amounts of time and their professional skills in helping workers receive their unemployment benefits.  In addition, we have an active board of directors who effectively provide direction to the organization.

Staff Members

You may email the following staff by sending an email addressed to his or her user name

John Tirpak
Executive Director/Attorney
User name: jtirpak

Lillian Kaide
SU Francis Perkins Fellow
User name: lillian

Anne Paxton
Attorney, Director, Employment Security Redesign Project
User name: anne

Daniel Hayward
Attorney, Ira Hayes Veterans Fellow
User name: Dan

Jason Arends
Office Manager/Paralegal
User name: jason

Monica Holland
Spokane Managing Attorney
User name: monica

Board of Directors

Our governing body consists of eleven members who have all accepted a leadership role in terms of directing the ULP. We meet six times a year and chart the direction of the organization.

President Joe Shaeffer

Vice President Jennifer Murray

Treasurer Rachel Lewis

Secretary Jeneé Jahn

John Chihak

Andrea Scheele

Jennifer Yogi

Matt Zuchetto

Coleen Pe Benito

Adrienne Wat

Jose Vargas

Erin Pettigrew

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