FAQ: What are the different programs? PEUC? PUC? EB?

FAQ: What are the different programs? PEUC? PUC? EB?

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Explanation of Different Programs:

Several other unemployment benefit programs are set up to extend the basic UI and PUA programs where needed:

Extended Benefits (EB) is a standard program available to UI recipients who remain unemployed after exhausting 26 weeks of UI benefits. During periods of high unemployment. People in this situation may receive between 13 and 20 extra weeks of benefits (depending on the state’s unemployment rate), if they agree to be available for work they can physically perform, not just work in their customary field. Extended Benefits are not available after March 13, 2021. Claimants who have exhausted Extended Benefits may qualify for PUA.

Pandemic Emergency Compensation Program (PEUC) is a CARES Act extension of regular UI that has been available during the pandemic to people who have exhausted their 26 weeks of UI and still have not found work. Workers in this situation may use available weeks of PEUC before needing to draw upon Extended Benefits.

The federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program (PUC or FPUC) is a supplemental benefit to provide additional help to recipients of UI and PUA. For four months in 2020, PUC added $600 to everybody’s benefits each week. The program expired July 31 but was revived with the Continued Assistance Act in December 2020 followed by the American Rescue Plan in March, although it was reduced to $300 per week. It will remain in effect until September 6, 2021.