Telephone Helpline

Telephone HelplineTelephone Helpline

Through our helpline, we provide FREE information, advice and referrals on a number of unemployment topics. Call us if you:

  • Are thinking about leaving your job and want to know about your eligibility for unemployment benefits;
  • Need advice on how to represent yourself at a hearing;
  • Have questions about the appeals process;
  • Want to know how to appeal a decision from a hearing;
  • Or if you just have any other question related to unemployment benefits and cannot find the answer anywhere else.


If you have any questions about your specific situation, please give us a call. We have staff that are able to give advice on an appointment basis about unemployment benefits. Please call (206) 441-9178 x0 or toll free 1(888) 441-9178 x0 to schedule an appointment with our helpline staff. Please remember that we are not able to provide free legal advice on all topics and that we frequently book up a week in advance.

Losing a job is hard enough.  Losing unemployment benefits can be devastating.  Loss of benefits is a hardship few can afford to experience or are prepared to fight alone.

ULP representation can be beneficial during such a turbulent time. The administrative hearing is your only chance to create a legal record regarding your unemployment benefits.

Having a ULP representative helps to ensure that a good record is created. The ULP representative will provide focus and direction during the hearing and ensure that your voice is heard. Also, having a seasoned representative beside you can be invaluable in accessing and navigating the legal system in a time of stress and need.