Support H.B. 5507, federal reform of unemployment laws to protect part-time workers and increase equity

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Nov 1, 2021

Members of Congress concerned about serious gaps in the unemployment insurance system took a decisive step forward October 8 by introducing H.B. 5507 in the U.S. House of Representatives. This bill, sponsored by Donald Beyer, Jr. (D,VA), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D,NY) and other representatives, would help claimants in all states, including Washington, by providing benefits for many workers who are currently excluded from our system. It would also advance another important cause: greater uniformity and increased equity of unemployment benefits from state to state.

HB 5507 would:

  • Provide benefits to people who earned at least $1,500 in the prior year if they earned $1,000 in at least one quarter of that year. Washington denies benefits to a much larger group of part-time workers than any other state: anyone who has worked less than 680 hours, which excludes workers who earned less than $9,309 in their prior year based on our state’s minimum wage.
  • Ensure that more people who lose a part-time job can count on support by reducing the number of past work hours required in order to qualify for unemployment benefits. Washington sets extremely strict limits on which part-time workers may receive benefits.
  • Provide that all workers may seek a part-time job and still receive benefits based on their past work. They may choose to seek up to a 20-hour per week part-time job if the job is at least 1/2 of their work hours in a typical work week. Washington law requires claimants to seek full-time work except for a small number of part-time workers.
  • Allowing workers to receive up to one third of their normal wage and salary through part-time work without cuts in their unemployment benefits. Washington currently cuts benefits by about 75% of every extra dollar claimants earn while collecting unemployment.
  • Make other reforms in worker eligibility and benefit amounts by requiring states to provide a minimum of 26 weeks of benefits; ensuring that online claims handling can be readily understood by people with disabilities, literacy challenges, or limited English; and information is available in languages spoken by at least 1% of the state’s population.

Washington’s unemployment benefits system has many strengths but some very harsh limits as well. H.B. 5507 would significantly improve the accessibility and equity of benefits in our state.

ULP urges your support for H.B. 5507. The pandemic has resoundingly demonstrated that reform of our unemployment benefit laws is desperately needed and these reforms will help many, many workers. Help increase momentum for this bill by contacting your Congressional representatives in the House and Senate and asking for their support in seeing these reforms are passed into law. You can reach any member of Congress by calling 202-224-3121, the Congressional switchboard, and asking to be connected to your representative or senator.

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